The Compassion Of Nature

Sometimes on the harsh reality of the big city, work, study and plenty of tasks and
obligation, we’re forgetting to just take a big breath in, and rest even for a one tiny moment.
The best way to remind us that our reality aren’t have to be that stressful is by taking us out
from this bobble, and change the entire frame. Yes we know, we can just drop it all like not
caring at all, but we can and we must try to do that from time to time.
One of the best ways to clean our thought and taking us out from the harsh circle of reality,
is by going along for some quality time in nature. This is the exact reason why we’ve
gathered here some of the best nature quotes for compassion.

“ Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ”
Albert Einstein

Nature has it answers. We just need to look for it, and suddenly we will figure out that it
was always there. Think about the seasons, how nature adjust to is environment. If we could
just adjust and accepting the imperfection, that we've might have a better and relieved life.
Does the nature complains when is hot? No… it just moving on with it magnificent silent.
This is the exact way we must ensure to ourselves. We are part of nature and with that say,
we need to learn how to accept the paths and it obstacles.

“ The silence of nature is very real. It surrounds you, you can feel it. ”
Ted Trueblood

Sometimes we’re feeling overwhelmed by our thoughts and concerns. All the background
noises aren’t letting us even to try and get the right path for the right solution. Walking out
to figure some answers on nature, let’s us the exact silence we need, the exact silence we
never have on our daily routine. But when nature isn't nearby, we can just walk into a
garden or even a room on our house, and get our thoughts right.

“ The family is one of nature’s masterpieces. ”
George Santayana

On nature, plants and animals are helping each other with what’s called “tecological
balance”. The same thing happen with our family. Our family and our friends, are what helps
us to get on the right path. They are the one thing in the world that keeps us balanced and
happy. This is really a true masterpiece which we must keep close to us. Nature is showing
us how we,re all one big family who supports each other.

“ Take a quiet walk with mother nature. It will nurture your mind, body, and soul. ”
A.D. Williams

Be true with yourself – what was the last time you tried to feed your body with new inner
energy and motivation? Without knowing you, our guess is that it’s been a quite some time.
By looking into nature, we can see that the trees and plants are always getting there energy
from the sun. Are we doing the same? Probably not. Go out from the office from time to
time, be a tree, get your new energy, enjoy a fresh air.

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