The Sounds Around Us

Are we really using our second sense wisely? Without knowing you, we can tell you that
you’re probably not. Sounds a bit arrogant? Well… ask yourself the next question: when was
the last time you stopped for a moment and just listened to the birds on the trees? When
was it the last time you stopped your work and listened to the people around you talking
and laughing? Our guess is that is has been a quite some time. With that say, here on
sentence club we’ve gathered some of our most lovable sentence and quotes about silence
and sounds.

“ The first duty of love is to listen. ”
Paul Tillich

Love for the others that we care about? Or love for ourselves? Well actually why not both?
Being able to love and cherish our loved once and ourselves is a great gift given us by nature.
Always remember that you must learn how to listen to the sounds around you. what your
body tells you? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you need to take a rest? Or maybe to go out
for a short vacation? Does your beloved once are happy? Are they feeling fulfilled? Or
maybe they are in need for our help and guidance?

“ The word listen contains the same letters as the word silent. ”
Alfred Brendel

You know, that might just be a coincidence, but it is just a pleasure to try getting sub textual
messages over some words. Try to look for all kinds of signs in life. Listen is sometimes being
to just listen to yourself. Trying to shut all the background noises and figuring out the way
we want to live happily and fulfilled. Try having from time to time a listening time for
yourself. It is a greatness of each and every one of us.

“ Listening is a magnetic force. ”
Karl A. Menninger

On meditation, one of the best practices are to just be aware to the sounds around you. is
makes us present, it makes us to be able to be on the, here and now. Being able to listen to
the sounds of the birds, is making us aware to this exact moment. Instead of thinking about
things the happened in the past or things that will be happening in the future, just be aware
to the here and now. It is a great force which is hidden in each and every one of us.

“ Be silent and listen. You will hear the keys to success. ”

Have you ever felt confused? Not knowing what’s the right path? Have you ever tried talking
to others but still have this feeling like no one is giving you the right answer? The reason for
it, is because the right answers only comes from us. We can only be true to ourselves, and
not for the feeling and emotions of others. By knowing that, try to be in a complete silence.
In many times, it’s our mix thoughts that makes us so confused. Practice a silent mode each
day for even 5 minutes, and you’l be surprised to find out how many answers are dwelling
inside of you.

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