Maria Nemeth
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" Success is consistently doing what you said you would do with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. Success, seen this way, is an inside job. You don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You don’t even look at whether what you’re doing is big or small. You look instead at the quality of your action and of your experience. "

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Friends. People you know. People you used to know. People you think you once knew, but you probably never did. You probably just knew a part of them, the part of them that was your friend. And the rest, the parts of them that you didn’t know -the twisted parts, the untrue parts, the parts you’re seeing now -well, back then you just ignored them. But now you can’t. Because now you can see it all, and now you know that ‘back then’ wasn’t all wonderful and innocent. It was just a time and a place, just like every other time and place.

Kevin Brooks

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