Quotes For Frustrated Students

Learning new things can be fun, but at the same time it might get quite challenging when it’s
not exactly what we were aiming for. It is quite obvious that as kids, during our state school
(good old times), we felt bored from time to time. But what can we do when it comes to
academic studies or professional education?

Even when we choose to study, we often have to face different subjects that aren’t relevant
to our main interest. So, without waiting time, here we have gathered you 4 motivation
quotes that will drive your inner strength during harsh times and frustration.

Quotes to motivate students

" There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. "

Beverly Sills
We have to acknowledge the fact that when we’re seeing the first little piss of the puzzle,
we’re just unable to understand the whole picture. It might look unnecessary at the
moment, but during time, piss after piss, course after course, it all starting to make sense.

" The man who is a teacher of patience is a master of everything else. "

George Saville
Keep remembering what drove you into this field. Having troubles to learn one “awful
subject” which you don’t see any relations between it and your main studies? Keep that in
mind that it might seems irrelevant now, and yeah blah blah it all comes together at the
future, but the main thing is – always look at the goal. You want to be a pro at your field? Do
it at any cause and seek for your destination

" Change your thoughts and you will change your world. "

Norman Vincent Peale
“I’ll fail”, “This is way over my league”, etc… sounds familiar? Well just don’t let yourself to
drown! Change the way you think, and more important – the way you see capabilities! When
you’re lifting weights, are you telling yourself that it’s too heavy? Our guess is that you only
think about the way it will change your appearance, and its impact on your health. Do the
same thing with your studies. Tell yourself that you can do it, no matter how hard it is – it is
your own thoughts that impact your accomplishments

" Calm your mind, silence your ego. "

Elliott Hulse
Yes, we might not like everything during class, but honestly – we just need to put all of our
boundaries aside and just pay attention to the subject, no matter how boring it is. Ever
found yourself rolling your eyes because you were just not feeling it? That’s not just a lack of
interests, but it also a tiny ego telling you that it’s silly.
You’ve entered the classroom? Put your ego aside, and remember what we’ve said on the
first paragraph – this is just one tiny piss of the puzzle
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